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2022 Scholarship Recipients

The Donald Flynn Scholarship
Michelle Gally
The William A. Gillis, Jr. Scholarship
Benjamin Gillis
The Jeffrey Dropo Scholarship
Charles Pingree
The William Esso Haines Memorial Scholarship
Edward Fitzgerald
The Alex Kulevich Scholarship
Andrew Annese
The Bruce Jordan Scholarship
Liam McIlroy 
The Daniel Sullivan Scholarship
Craig Michalowski
The William Willis, Sr. Scholarship
Holdt Sedky
The James R. Galante Scholarships
James Doody
George Percy
The Marblehead Youth Football Scholarships
Brady Lavender
The Bill James Scholarship
Sarah Martin 
The Earl and Betty Reynolds Scholarship
Antonio Andriano, Jr.

The Harriette Siegel Memorial Scholarship
Annika Haley

The Brian Buckley Scholarship
Joshua Robertson
The Robert Till Scholarship
Andy Titus
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