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Our History

The club was started in 1983 by a small group of Marbleheaders that wanted to insure that the strong legacy of Marblehead Football continued for future generations. Their love of the game, the lessons that they learned on the gridiron, and the friendship forged in healthy competition had shaped their lives and made them the successful adults and professionals they had become. Tremaine Robarts, William "Esso" Haines, Dick Farrell, Elliot Roundy, Bill Gillis, Dr. Robert Jackson, and Dr. George MacDonald, to name a few, began the Marblehead Magicians Gridiron Club with the goal of promoting the sport by supporting the youth and high school programs through philanthrophic activities and scholarships. Their legacy continues to shape the organization,
now in its fourth decade.
​     It would take the better part of 20 years for the youth programs and high school programs to rebuild and rebound. There were many "dark days" and losing seasons, but through it all, the Marblehead Magicians Gridiron Club was there to provide support and advocate for the programs - purchasing new equipment as the youth program grew under the leadership of Bill Richardson and then Bruce Bial, providing scholarships for MHS players as they moved on to college, and providing supplemental financial support to the MHS football program - all through private donation and membership dues alone.

     The "torch" was passed to Evan Harris in 2013 with the passing of "Esso" Haines, ushering in a new era for the club - still dedicated to the principles of the founders and still serving the role as the only dedicated steward to football programs in Marblehead.

     Marblehead Youth Football rebounded and is one of the most successful in the area. The MHS program, under Head Coach Jim Rudloff (2009), includes a separate Freshman team and a JV/Varsity team that has consistently earned conference titles and state playoff success. Because of this, the club faces the new challenges of maintaining and supporting these wildly successful programs to insure that the legacy of Marblehead Football continues to thrive for future generations.


Delve into more of the proud history of the club, its members, and Marblehead football greats in our Hall of Fame and
From the Archive sections.

William "Esso" Haines
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