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Magicians Gridiron Club Turns 40

Started in 1983, the Gridiron Club has supported all levels of Marblehead football for the past four decades. We are proud of this history of philanthropy and look forward to continuing our support for future generations. In order to support and grow our football community, we will be developing our website and social media presence to facilitate online membership and giving and share information about the rich history and traditions of Marblehead football - past and present.

The Gridiron Club is beginning our annual membership drive so that we can continue to fund the contributions we make to the program every year - including funding the summer 7-on-7s, funding Senior Night, hosting the steak dinner for the team before the Thanksgiving game, paying for the team banquet and awards, and awarding over $20,000 in scholarships annually to our student-athletes. This philanthropy is only possible with your help. Dues are still only $10.00.

2023 Scholarship Awards RECIPIENT SCHOLARSHIP

Connor Cronin                     James Galante
Aidan Tardie                        James Galante
Jack Aneshansley                 Bill James
Dillon Rowe                         Esso Haines
Tucker Smith                       Donald Flynn
Edward Johns                      William Willis Sr.
Carter Wheeler                    Daniel Sullivan
Sean Calnan                        Jeffry Dropo
Tamia Johnson                    Harriet Siegel
Alexander Orloff                  Bobby Gillis
Samuel Annese                   Alex Kulevich
Peighton Ridge                   William A. Gillis
Aven Denbow                     Robert Till
Peter Norton                      M’head Youth Football
Finn Miniaci                        Earl & Betty Reynolds
Nolen Williamson                Bruce Jordan
Kailae Rochford                   Dr. Robert Jackson
Michael Carlson                   William Bray
Shane Keogh                      William Croteau
Nicholas Whitaker               David Bourne
Tamya Johnson                   Elliot Roundy
Celine Uhrich                      Dr. George MacDonald

Alumni Football News

Two members of the MHS Class of 2023 are playing
football this fall, joining nine alumni currently playing at the collegiate level:

Connor Cronin: Brown University


Miles O’Neil: Texas A&M.

Aidan Michaud: UNH

Will Twadell: St. Anselm College

J.T. Monahan: University of Rochester

Harry Forsythe: Union College

Tim Cronin: Bowdoin College

Mark Paquette: Bowdoin College

James Doody: Bowdoin College

George Percy: Merrimack College

Cam Janock: University of Pennsylvania

Important Dates

Senior Night, MHS vs Danvers
10/27 @ 6:00 PM, Piper Field

MHS/SHS Old Timers Night
11/20 @ 7:00 PM, Gerry 5

All Are Welcome

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