2021 MHS Super Bowl Champions Honored at Banquet

The 2021 Magicians celebrated their perfect season and Super Bowl Championship at the Salem Waterfront Hotel. Each player and coach received a Super Bowl ring and State Championship patch. Seventeen awards were presented to individual players for outstanding contributions:

Tremaine M. Robarts Award/Team MVP - Connor Cronin

Dr. Ralph Sweetland Award/Offensive POY - Josh Robertson

G. Steele Irons Award/Rookie of the Year - Christian Pacheco

Dr. George MacDonald Award/Offensive Lineman - A.J. Andriano

Charles E. Prince Award/Defensive POY - Drew Annese

Elliot Roundy Award/Special Teams MVP - Eli Feingold

Jack Knight Award/Unsung Player - Liam McIlroy

Charles Lovely Award/Student-Athlete - Craig Michalowski

Carl Siegal Coaches Award/Great Character - James Doody

Esso Haines Gusto Award/Coaches Award - Holt Sedkey

John Larkin Award/Most Improved - Sam Annese

Staff Sgt. Christopher N. Piper Award/Scout Team POY - Nick Whittaker

Bill Peabody Spirit Award/Toughness Award - George Percy

Bobby Blood Thanksgiving Award/Sportsmanship - Jack Anashansley

Dr. Stanford W. Hopkins Award/Dedication - Charlie Pingree

J. Hilary Rockett Award/Defensive Lineman - Ned Fitzgerald

William A. Gillis Award/Coaches Award - James Galante*

* James Galante, Sr. accepted the awards for his son and announced the creation of the James R. Galante Memorial Scholarship, an annual $5000 scholarship for a MHS player going on to play football in college. James planned to attend Denison University and committed to their football program.