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Walter W.B. Curtis (1918-1919) 

"Bill" Curtis played his two years of football at Marblehead High School in 1918 and 1919 under Coach Ed Pidgeon. Curtis had previously been a student and football squad member at Lynn English High School. 

     Curtis played right halfback for the 1918 team which compiled a 5-1-0 record in an abbreviated season caused by a flu epidemic which covered the region near the close of World War I. The only loss of the year was to Scott High of Toledo, Ohio 19-0 in a post-season game at Seaside Park. In addition to recording four touchdowns, Curtis made several long runs from his halfback position during the season. He was also an outstanding blocker punter and defensive player, playing primarily at linebacker. One of his touchdowns was scored on Thanksgiving Day on 1918 in a 59-0 win over rival Swampscott. 

     "Bill' Curtis was Captain of the Marblehead High School team in 1919 that recorded a 7-3-2 record. Shifting to the fullback position, he scored eleven of the fifteen touchdowns recorded by the team that season, passed for another and made one conversion. Curtis also was credited with several fifty yard plus punts and continued to excel as a linebacker. His punting and defensive play were credited with saving a 0-0 tie with Swampscott that year. 

     In the December 13, 1919 post-season game against Proviso High School of Maywood, Illinois, Curtis passed to fellow Hall of Fame member Joe Tansey for Marblehead's winning touchdown in a 6-3 victory. Regarding Curtis' performance in the Proviso game, the Lynn Item stated, To Bill Curtis goes the greatest honors of the game. In addition to punting well, throwing forward passes and directing the Marblehead attack his broken field running and defensive work were easily the best shown by any schoolboy in this section for years." 

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Harry Bertram "Mitt" Glover (1931-1934)  

"Mitt" Glover was one of the leading scorers in the history on Marblehead High School football. He played all
four of his years of high school football under Coach Charles McGuinness, who brought great gridiron fame t
 the Yachting Town. Most of the time, Glover played at left halfback, but on occasions was assigned to the right
halfback spot. 

     Glover scored two touchdowns and a conversion as a freshman in Marblehead's 5-7-1 season in 1931. The following year, he was the team's leading scorer in a 4-5-2 season. He was the star of the 1932 Thanksgiving
game, along with Lindsey Brackett and Ralph McKinnon, scoring the only touchdown in a 6-0 victory at
Jackson Park, Swampscott. 

     In 1933 Marblehead was 7-3-0 under Coach McGuinness. Glover was credited with five touchdowns and two conversions during the season. He was also cited for outstanding blocking in several games. 

     In 1934 Marblehead had one of its greatest teams in history. Charlie McGuinness coached the Red and Black to an 8-1-1 season. Marblehead won the championship in the first season of Northeastern Conference football. Marblehead suffered its only loss of the 1934 season in the opening game which was at Bertram Field, Salem as the Witches prevailed 2-0. 

     "Mitt" Glover's 1934 performance echoed the team's as he scored 13 touchdowns and had five points after touchdown. He led the team in scoring in a backfield that included Wells and Messenger. His 83 points were just three points behind Gloucester's Teddy Williams for interscholastic honors. Glover scored three touchdowns and a point after in the 1934 Thanksgiving game 38-7 victory at Jackson Park and two touchdowns and a pair of conversions in the 52-12 rout of Edison High School of Miami, Florida in the post-season game in Miami. 

Glover in his four years of football at Marblehead High School had 24 touchdowns and nine conversions for a total of 153 points. 

Gordon Samuel "Skiz" Hazel (1934-1936) 

Gordon Hazell was one of the highest individual scorers in the history of Marblehead High School football. He played his three years of Marblehead High School football from the 1934 through the 1936 seasons, a time when Charlie McGuinness was the head football coach. Marblehead's teams were then known as the Magicians because of their deceptive style of offense. During these three seasons, winning records of 8-1-1, 8-1-2 and 8-4-1 were recorded; scoring 252, 265 and 184 points respectively in 1934, 1935 and 1936; and winning the new Northeastern Conference in each year.

     Hazell played in the line either at a guard or a tackle position during much of 1934. He did, however, receive a touchdown pass that season, for his only score

      In 1935, he played at an end position for the first three games and for part of the fourth. But from the fourth game on that season he played mostly as a halfback. He scored nine touchdowns and made three successful conversions for 57 points in 1935 and was and outstanding punter. His great versatility was demonstrated in Marblehead's 63-0 breeze over Amesbury on Columbus Day. Hazell played at end, defensive guard, halfback, and tailback in that game. He played in the backfield during the second and third periods. He ran six yards off tackle for one touchdown and he took a lateral on the end of a Wells-to-Lennox pass to run 25 yards to score another touchdown against Amesbury.

     In 1936 he was stationed at fullback in nearly every game. That year he was credited with scoring 16 touchdowns and had four successful conversions for 100 points. He also threw a touchdown pass. Hazell scored 13 points in the 14-0 win over Swampscott on Thanksgiving. Both local area daily newspapers said Hazel dominated the backfield play of the Magic Makers against Swampscott. The Messenger stated, The tall, ubiquitous frame of Gordon "Skit" Hazell, high scoring back of the McGuinness Magic Men, was the leading light of a somewhat dull contest yesterday at Philips Field, Swampscott, that housed some 6500 shivering Turkey Day fans who thrilled to the fullback's inspired exploits that personally carried his team to a 14-0 victory of their archrivals from Sculpin-town in the 27th renewal of the traditional series yesterday morning.'

     Gordon "Skiz" Hazell ended his distinguished MHS football career with outstanding performances in a 29-0 win over Curtis High (NYC) and in 13-13 tie with Jacksonville, Florida High School All-Stars in post-season games.

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Edgar Gilbert (1948-1950)  

Edgar W. Gilbert had an unusual career under the tutelage of Coach Herm Hussey in starting as varsity left end as as sophomore in 1948 and continuing in that position through his senior year 1950. Gilbert's end play made possible for the Hussey coached teams to win three successive Northeast Conference titles. From his end position he scored 13 touchdowns for a total of 74 points, high production in an era in which the run was still dominate. Gilbert's performance as an end has him in company with Marblehead's existing Hall of Famers starring as ends, "Cony" Perch and
Alton Hunson. 

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