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Joseph Tansey (1919-1922) 

Joseph Tansey was, at the least, the second highest scoring back in the history of Marblehead High School with a total of 173 points during his career. He played under coaches Ed Pidgeon and Ray Pendleton. 

     In 1919 Tansey scored four touchdowns and in 1920 he scored four touchdowns and was successful on nine conversions. He produced his greatest number of points in 1921, scoring eleven touchdowns and twenty-four conversions (a Marblehead record), kicked two field goals and passed for a touchdown. He reached the maximum eligibility age limit midway through the 1922 season, limiting his participation in foot-ball to five games. However, during those games Tansey scored three touchdowns and had two successful conversion attempts. 

     Trem Robarts, who started his high school_football career the season after Tansey ended his and who later became an assistant foot-ball coach and Marblehead's first athletic director, states, " I used to be told as a Story School student by Coach Ray Pendleton to watch Joe Tansey at practice sessions and games. Whatever Tansey did, I tried to dol He was my idol." According to Trim, Tansey weighed about 130 pounds and was fairly short in stature. "He was fast, shifty and tough," says Robarts, "and he played both offensively and defensively." 

     Following high school, Joe Tansey played football at New Hampshire State (now the University of New Hampshire) and later for a semi-pro team in Peabody. Known as the University of Peabody, that team included a number of ex-college stars. 

     Tansey's athletic skills were not confined to football. He was an excellent baseball player for both Marblehead High School and the Marblehead Catholic Club. 

     In World War II Tansey served as a carpenter's mate, second class, with the U. S..Navy in the Pacific theater. He was a member of Marble-head Post 2005, Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

Joe Tansey passed away on, February 26, 1950 at the age of 47.


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