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Ross Grant

Ross Grant (1922-1925)

Grant has the distinction of having been the only Marblehead High School football player in history who was captain of the team for two years, leading the teams of 1924 and 1925. His coach in 1922 was Ray Pendleton. He played under Coach W. Dale Jones for the remainder of his high school career.

     Although Grant was a tackle during his four years on the team, he scored 21 points: a touchdown in 1922, a touchdown and two points after in 1923, another touchdown in 1924, and a point after touchdown in 1925.

During his last three years on the Marblehead squad, Grant was a teammate of Trim Robarts who succeeded him as captain in 1926. Robarts remembers, "I never saw Grant taken out of a game with an injury. He was a very well built athlete. He was also a great leader as a captain. It was probably in 1924 that I took his place in the line so that he could take a backfield position and score. "And he did score!"

     From Marblehead High School, Grant went to Dean Academy in Franklin, Mass. At that time Dean was a sort of training ground for New York University, a major football power of the day. He went from Dean, where he played tackle, to N. Y. U. where he played three years of varsity football. Following his graduation from college, he played on a professional team known as Stapleton, in a section of New York City.

     Ross Grant served in the U. S. Army in World War II and, following discharge from the service, was a plant manager and salesman for Norda Company of Boonton, New Jersey, manufacturers of essential oils. He passed away in June, 1976.

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