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Richard Salinsky (1960-1962) 

Richie Salinsky (160 lbs ) played guard. Both offense and defense, under Coach Noel Reebenacker.

     His skills were recognized during the 4-3-2 1961 season. In the shocking 35-14 major upset on Thanksgiving, Salinsky was a "thorn in the side of Swampscott all day", making tackles and recovering two fumbles, along with a superb team defense that yielded 47 yards and opened Jake Healy for four touchdowns, runs.

     Salinsky played full-time both ways in the Northeastern Conference Championship team and was a major contribution to the fine 6-2-1 season in 1962 with co-captains Ken Eldridge and Scott Dittrich.

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Ralph Carlton (1947-1949) 

Carlton was a key line contributor to a strong 1949 team under Coach Herm Hussey, which led Northeastern Conference Championship teams in 1948, 1949 (7-2-0 ) and continuing through 1950.

    Originally listed as one of the "three stalwart guards" along with Felton Doliber and Bill Goodwin, Carlton played virtually the entire season because of injuries to the other two. At 165 Ibs, playing at both offense and defense positions, he had an outstanding year in a line which shut out six of nine opponents with major wins over Beverly 13-0 (ending the Class A Beverly's 16 game winning championship record) and beating Swampscott 12-0 and outscoring all oppents-156-38.

Mark Fader (1971-1973) 

Mark Fader was a Co-captain of the Northeastern Co-championship team with Bill Sahagian and Dave Knight under Head coach Alex Kulevich and Line Coach Bruce Jordan and a 7-2-0 seasonal record. 

     Fader, listed as 6' and 180 lbs., was a stand-out both ways as offensive right guard and defensive middle guard. The strong line outscored the opponents 195 points to 79. 

     In the classic 20-12 victory over Swampscott, which had won 51 consecutive NEC games over six years, Fader was cited as "outstanding in a defensive game that many played well". His fine season was recognized by all.

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Herb Carey, Jr. (1967-1968) 

Herb Carey played both offensive tackle and fullback and defensive tackle for Coach Noel Reebenacker in 1967 and 1968 and was Co-captain with Brad Winter in 1968. 

     In the 1967 season he played tackle both ways. At 6' and 225 lbs., he helped the Magicians in a strong 5-2-2 record. In 1968 he moved to fullback for most of the year and continued to be an exceptional defensive player on the line. The Salem News cited that Carey brought both size and mobility with his recognized skills at tackle. 

     Carey's outstanding high school football record in 1967 and 1968 continued the historic Marblehead name of his father and three of his uncles. 

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