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The team's 8-4-1 record 'included-two post-season losses in Florida...Among the losses was a 7-0 setback to Peabody which came into the game at 1-6-2—For the fourth straight year, however, Marblehead shut out Danvers, winning by a 14-0 count....Stacey. Clark scored both touchdowns. Clark also had three scores in a 32-6 destruction of Newburyport...Hazell's two TDs beat Swampscott, 14-0. TheThanksgiving lineup: Ingalls, Russell (LE), Wilde, Russell (LT), F. . - Daniels, Hawkes (LG), MitChen, MCKinnon (C), 'A. Daniels, Walsh (RG), Nystedt, Stephenson (RT), Larkin, Flynn, Polley (RE), Remick, Putnun (QB), Godfrey, Tenney (LHB), Clark, Keenan (RHB), Hazell, Callahan (FB).

Kiski Prep

Kiski Prep

Former MHS players at Kiski Prep. John Cudihy and Dick Messinger both went on to play college football. Tragically, both died in WWII.

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